Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tbilisi, Georgia

The Ambassador

Welcome at the website of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tbilisi.

Since my arrival on 21st September 2015 I have witnessed deepening bilateral relations.

I enjoyed the progress made by Georgia in its approximation to the Euro-Atlantic structures and the Embassy is deeply involved in many activities to make Georgia and its society and economy stronger and more sustainable.

Recently I presented my credentials also in Armenia and it was a true pleasure to note how good the relations are between Yerevan and the Hague and how useful it is to have an Embassy that visits Yerevan regularly.

You can follow all our activities in both countries on a daily basis via the Embassy’s Facebook site ( https://goo.gl/onwBEl) and you can follow my impressions via twitter (@Jos_Douma).

Diplomacy is not static, but breathes with societal, economic and political developments. In the first half of 2016 the Netherlands will have the presidency of the European Union. That means that much of the Dutch diplomatic agenda will be devoted to furthering European cooperation. In the case of Georgia that means furthering the AA/DCFTA between the EU and Georgia, including the decision process on the proposal of the European Commission to free Georgian travelers from short-term visa. For Armenia it means the seeking of a new relationship, given Armenia’s membership of Eurasian structures. In both countries the Embassy will keep promoting rule of law and human rights together with government and civil society.

In June 2016 the Netherlands hopes to be elected non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. The Embassy is involved in promoting this candidature, extending our normal support for intense multilateral cooperation and building a sustainable international legal framework. Below you see our campaign’s logo.

The Embassy is here to serve – the Kingdom, its citizens and businesses - and to further bilateral relations. We appreciate your feedback.

Jos Douma


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